Materiality of Time: Speculative Systems and Drifts in Art

Wilson, Lynette
Randerson, Janine
Jervis, Ian
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Master of Art and Design
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Auckland University of Technology

What has been? when did it happen? what may happen next?

This process-based visual arts research examines the 'materiality of time' through a series of site-based interventions in the form of experiential ‘real time’ systems. Material processes (which may include the site as a material, biological, social or technological connections) are explored as a media for noticing and measuring time. Multiple types of material processes are investigated, as human - made responses to a site and by recording a site’s subsequent response to specific interferences over time.

Speculative temporalities (past, present and future) are investigated through methodologies drawn from archaeology, biology and chemistry. This includes types of measuring, surveying, excavating, recording, mutating, isolating and combining of components.

Relationships between human and non-human entities are explored through these disciplines conceptually, where the process and outcome are considered for their affective and social outcomes, rather than with the linear precision of positivist sciences.

Thresholds and turning points, as they build up and collapse, have been examined within the framework of living systems through the processes of accretion and entropy. Liminal conditions of the unknown, the unseen, and the uncertain have been explored through durational occupations of site and through my practice of photography and video. Ecological thresholds such as tidal zones and interior spaces have become sites for temporary installations, including pre-cast measuring posts.

Anthropocene , Speculative , Systems , Temporal , Accretion , Entropy , Aotea Harbour , Materiality , Site , Site transferal , Human, Non-human , Eccentric forms of measure
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