The FIFA 11+ Part 2: Can It Be Improved To Further Enhance Physical Performance in Female Football Players?

Farr, James
McGuigan, Mike
Whatman, Chris
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Master of Philosophy
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Auckland University of Technology

The purpose of this study was to determine if a rescheduled, modified FIFA 11+ part 2 would improve physical performance measures in female footballers in comparison to a rescheduled, original FIFA 11+ part 2. The study used a cluster randomised controlled trial approach with an eight-week intervention. A total of 25 female footballers from 4 women’s teams in the Wellington region, New Zealand, participated in the study, and were placed into either an intervention group (INT) or a control group (CON) (INT: n= 13, age 24.9 ±4.0 years; height 164.9 ±5.8 cm; weight 68.1 ±8.0 kg; CON: n= 12, age 20.1 ±4.6 years; height 165.1 ±4.6 cm; weight 62.4 ±9.0 kg). Performance measures included adductor strength, 5m, 10m, and 20m linear sprints (split times), 505 change of direction (COD) speed, and jump performance (vertical and reactive strength index). The primary modifications to the FIFA 11+ part 2 (INT) were exercise variations to the corresponding exercise in the original FIFA 11+ (CON), and a reduction in the number of progressions for each exercise. A 2-way repeated measures analysis of variance (RMANOVA) was used to detect within group and between group differences, and whether a group×time effect was present. Omega squared (ω2) and Cohen’s d were used to report the magnitude of the effects as appropriate. There were statistically significant between-group differences (magnitude trivial to small), in favour of the INT (modified FIFA 11+), in adductor strength (ω2= 0.05; p≤ 0.001), 5 m sprint time (ω2= 0.04; p= 0.02), 20m sprint time (ω2= 0.02; p= 0.04), the 505 COD deficit non-preferred foot time (ω2= 0.07; p= 0.01), and the 505 COD deficit preferred foot time (ω2= 0.21; p≤ 0.001). The results showed that the implementation of a rescheduled, modified FIFA 11+ programme over an eight week intervention period is as effective at improving some specific physical performance measures in female footballers as a rescheduled, original FIFA 11+ programme. It is recommended that the modified FIFA 11+’s part 2 could be used independently by recreational athletes in football or other team-based sports to assist with developing baseline physical performance qualities if there is not an appropriately structured programme in place.

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