Kit of Parts: Finding the Balance Between Fast Pace Building and Space Comfort for Future Healthcare

Liang, Junn
Yates, Amanda
Burgess, Andrew
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Master of Architecture (Professional)
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Auckland University of Technology

The increase of population densification of Auckland has put enormous pressure on supply of healthcare services and has also rise a rapid growth in the healthcare sector. The Greenlane Clinical Services Centre in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland was chosen as the site of this research project. As the growing of urban population and advances in medical technology, the evolving speed of healthcareservices is far below the increasing speed of demond onhealthcare service, which brings huge pressure on the dailyoperation of healthcare facilities. This research project explores the role thatarchitecture can play to positively address this situation.

Relatively speaking, architecture is not able to keep up with the rate of change that healthcare demands. The financial cost and permanency of buildings prohibits its ability to adjust to current healthcare needs. This research project utilises pre-fabrication techniques and an Amoeba Strategy to develop an architecture that can adapt to change as demanded. This will ensure sustainable growth in the face of changing healthcare needs and technological advances, minimising the impact on the operation of existing departments and facilities.

Through a pre-fabrication strategy, this research focuses on the modular designs in Amoeba Strategy to explore what the Greenlane Clinical Services Centre might look like with responsiveness and comfort modular. The design component focuses on researching and summarising the current state of the Greenlane Clinical Services Centre to ensure that the design proposition considers the way in which the different modules will function and be combined to accommodate the development of the hospital facility. Through a combination of architectural, social needs and sustainability considerations, this research project aims to support the future development of the Greenlane Clinical Services Centre to ensure that the hospital is able to evolve with the times and provide high quality healthcare services to the community.

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