A Modified Systematic Literature Review Examining Current Support Provided for Young People to Manage Stress

Batts, Poppy-Louise
Day, Elizabeth
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Master of Psychotherapy
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Auckland University of Technology

Adolescence is an important stage of human development with potential for the positive growth of social and emotional health. According to Waters et al., (2012), adolescence is a stage of intensive personal, social, and emotional development, in which essential physical, social, and emotional health changes take place. The ages of 10-24 years are recognised as a fundamental period for emotional health which strengthens long lasting well-being (Patton et al., 2016). Yet, rates of mental illness in young people are rising, requiring interventions that promote stress management and the capacity to live well (Schwartz et al., 2012). As individuals are being increasingly exposed to rapid change in ways of living, support for positive health development is becoming more important than ever before (Waters et al., 2012). Using a modified systematic literature review, this dissertation aimed to answer the research question, “What educational support is currently provided to increase young people’s capacity to manage stress?” The review found several effective programmes that meet the standards of inclusion for the study and which can be adapted to classroom, outdoor, and online contexts. However, more research is required to confirm efficacy of the interventions used in programmes which are already producing promising results.

Stress , Young people , Support , Education , Systematic literature review , Australia , New Zealand , Adolescence
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