Sustainable Embedded Academic Literacy Development: The Gradual Handover of Literacy Teaching

Macnaught, L
Bassett, M
van der Ham, V
Milne, J
Jenkin, C
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Journal Article
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Informa UK Limited

This study reports on a four-year project to embed academic literacy within one core course of a Bachelor of Education program. It involves an interdisciplinary collaboration between learning advisors, as literacy specialists, and lecturers, as subject specialists. It examines their roles and responsibilities and lecturers’ perspectives when handing over the teaching of academic literacy to them. Data encompasses interviews with lecturers, meeting notes, and cohort statistics about assessment grades. Discourse analysis with theory from Systemic Functional Linguistics identifies the shifting contributions of the collaborators and how lecturers evaluate their experiences. Findings suggest that handover is smooth when it is done gradually and involves intensive prior collaboration. However, the contrasting views of the lecturers raise questions about what is optimal for students. Although limited, data indicates that reductions in resubmission rates and students achieving in the minimal passing range co-occur with the addition of mini videos about reading and writing critically.

Academic literacy development; Embedded literacy; Interdisciplinary collaboration; Systemic functional linguistics; Appraisal theory
Teaching in Higher Education, 1-19. doi:10.1080/13562517.2022.2048369
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