A Browser Based Intervention Approach Towards Managing Internet Addiction Disorder

Souligna, Seng
Liu, William
Mirza, Farhaan
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Master of Computer and Information Sciences
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Auckland University of Technology

Significant technological advancements over the last two decades have led to enhanced accessibility to computer devices and the Internet. We are experiencing an increasing integration of the Internet into our everyday lives and it has transformed the way we conduct business, obtain and exchange information, interact and communicate with one another. Despite its positive impacts, overuse of the Internet can lead to the development of additive cyber-behaviours. In the long run this can negatively impact individuals’ behaviours and many aspects of their lives.

This thesis presents the design and development of a web browser-based intervention approach to manage Internet addiction disorder. Two main aspects have been taken into account when developing and implementing this system, which are psychological and technical aspects.

This system, called SustainMe, is composed of three main modules that serve as one single monitoring and managing Internet use, which are Internet addiction screening test, a browser-based Internet monitoring and a user’ Internet usage notification system. The monitoring feature embedded in a newly developed custom web browser and the notification system involving the patient’s group of kin have made this approach unique, more potential and scalable in supporting the patient to manage his or her Internet addictive behaviours.

Internet addiction intervention program , Internet addiction disorder , Internet addiction , Browser based Internet addiction intervention
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