Bursting bubbles: a moving image exploration of contemporary Chinese individuality

Gao, Yi
Ho, King Tong
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Master of Arts in Art and Design
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Auckland University of Technology

This thesis is a practical project which involves moving images and paintings together as a medium that explores phenomena of contemporary China relating to personal identity, independence and its relationship with the traditional importance on collective groups, group centredness and interdependence. The project’s approach draws on sociological research on Western thought, values and beliefs naturally occurring in China since the “Open Door” policy as raw data to focus on the transition and transformation of contemporary Chinese individuality, and translates these data to form the concepts underpinning the metaphoric method of my artwork. Bubbles are the main visual symbols that metaphorically imply the incessantly transformable Chinese individuality and social cultural identity. My aim has been to portray this phenomenon through artistic practices on screens. By reflecting and engaging with moving images and paintings, underpinned by theoretical research and methods including data collecting, self-reflecting on data, practical manifestation and self-inquiry, I have attempted to unfold the phenomenon of contemporary Chinese individuality through my art practice. The thesis is composed as a creative work of moving images accompanied by an exegesis component. The moving image represents a nominal 80%, and the exegesis 20% of the final submission.

Individuality , Metaphor in art , Bubbles , Performance , Experimental moving image
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