Exploring Scarcity Tactics and Impulsive Buying Behaviour in Live Stream E-commerce: A Systematic Literature Review

Hanley, Alex
Errmann, Amy
Xu, Yingzi
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Master of Business
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Auckland University of Technology

Live stream e-commerce, emerging as both a shopping and marketing method, has quickly gained attention among brands for promoting and selling products and services. In the past five years, live stream e-commerce has experienced exponential growth, demonstrating its effectiveness in targeting and influencing consumers to make purchases during these live events. Scarcity tactics have emerged as a strategic approach, capturing the attention of both marketers and researchers. The literature on live stream e-commerce is also expanding in tandem with the growth of live streaming. However, existing research on live streaming is inconsistent and fragmented. This study aimed at conducting a comprehensive review of scarcity tactics influencing consumers during live streams, providing scholars and practitioners with insights into identifying impulsive buying behaviours in the context of live stream e-commerce. A systematic literature review was carried out to examine a total of 14 articles in the live streaming context that examined scarcity tactics and/or impulsive behaviour; themes were identified following a systematic literature review procedure. This systematic literature review highlights a strong and consistent link between scarcity tactics in live stream e-commerce and heightened impulsive buying behaviour among consumers. The majority of surveyed academic articles affirm the significant impact of scarcity techniques, offering valuable insights for marketers to strategically influence consumer groups in the dynamic landscape of live stream e-commerce. The limitations of this study include a predominantly Asian-focused research context and a scarcity of research exploring live stream e-commerce across diverse industries, warranting caution in generalising findings beyond the examined scope. This systematic review identifies the scarcity factors that include tactics related to time, quantity and perceived price, while the impulsive buying factors encompass celebrity endorsement, entertainment and perceived enjoyment. Recognising these factors and their links to consumers making impulsive decisions will enable practitioners to incorporate them when designing a live stream e-commerce plan to maximise their stream engagement and profitability.

Live streaming e-commerce , live streaming , impulsive buying behaviour , systematic literature review , scarcity tactics
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