Rich Man Road

Glamuzina, Ann
Cranna, John
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Master of Creative Writing
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Auckland University of Technology

As the daughter of Dalmatian migrants and as a novice fiction writer, my creative work is in part my own journey to discover who I am: it is a search for a connection – not just to the past, but to the present and the future.

My writing has been influenced by where and how I was raised, and as such, it is an attempt to transform those shared memories and the stories of my forebears into my own unique written voice. My personal narrative has been informed by the legends and tales that have been passed down to me through oral storytelling, as well as my experiences as a young New Zealander living in a Dalmatian household.

In my exegesis Finding My Voice – a Hybrid Writer in New Zealand, I have taken an autobiographical approach. I look at how oral storytelling has been at the core of my development as a writer, and how the role of a writer differs from that of a storyteller. I also consider where my fiction writing belongs within the New Zealand Literary landscape.

To follow the exegesis is my fiction manuscript, Rich Man Road, a story about two female protagonists and their search for belonging. I have written within the historical fiction genre taking my cue from writers like Louis de Berniere, Monica Ali, Maurice Gee, Amy Tan and Amelia Batistich. It is a first draft work which post-submission I will continue developing into a longer piece, concentrating on character development.

New Zealand fiction , Oral story telling , Historical novel , Autobiography
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