The Materiality of Winter

Zino, Imogen
Jowsey, Sue
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Master of Art and Design
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Auckland University of Technology

This exploration embraces materiality through the poetics of Winter. An aim of this project has been to enable a greater sense of connection between the internal sensory world of the participant and the inhabited environment. Tactile, audible and visual metaphors of Winter sparked hidden narratives revealing realms transcending what the eye can see. Embodied experiences and performative interactions activated deep and ongoing conversation about being-in and being-within oneself and the space we inhabit. Through a phenomenological perspective, I have imaginatively explored conscious and subconscious effects capable of absorbing the viewer in distracting and exclusive ways. Kindling bodily interactions through the creation and installation of a myriad of fragile shards, Winter stimulates otherworldly perceptions. Merleau-Ponty believed that our bodies are primary and subjective vessels responding to the dynamic and transforming landscapes of materials and material interaction. The textures of sound, shape and surface activate our perceptual selves, immersing us in and connecting us to the world. In this state the self is transient and open to feeling happiness, with Winter in my mind, I have created an immersive experiential work that seeks to elicit a sense of awe-filled wonder.

Embodied experience , Immersive , Sensory , Interaction , Tactile , Wonder , Imagined worlds , Materiality
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