An Examination of the Attributes Influencing Chinese Travellers’ Selection of Short-term Accommodation Platforms

Fang, Da (Damian)
Goodsir, Warren
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Master of International Hospitality Management
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Auckland University of Technology

The three aims of this research are to: establish and test a model regarding attributes that influence Chinese travellers’ selection of a short-term accommodation platform (STAP) in China; provide an analysis of Chinese domestic STAPs and foreign STAPs (Airbnb) by Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA); and investigate the effects of attributes on Chinese travellers’ satisfaction and future loyalty behaviour.

This research used a deductive approach and quantitative research method. Based on an online anonymous questionnaire, data was collected from 200 Chinese respondents through social networking sites. Data analysis applied frequency descriptive analysis, IPA, independent sample t-test analysis, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis, to address the research questions and test hypotheses. This research found that the attributes of product price, product review, product variety, information quality, customer service quality, trust and privacy features, payment methods, loyalty programmes and product brand image, are important attributes in Chinese travellers’ selection of STAPs. However, product reviews, customer service quality and trust and privacy features in the platforms are most important deciding attributes for Chinese travellers when selecting a platform. By comparing Chinese domestic STAPs with foreign STAPs, weaknesses in Chinese domestic brands were identified. Additionally, product price is the most important factor influencing travellers’ satisfaction toward the platform and product variety is the most important factor influencing travellers’ future loyalty behaviour.

This research investigates the relationships among STAP attributes, traveller satisfaction and loyalty behaviour in the field of STAP, theoretically establishing the selection model about STAP. Practically, this research provides information about strengths and weaknesses of domestic and foreign STAP companies for managers.

Examination of attributes , Influence , Chinese traveller , Selection , Short-term accommodation platforms
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