A Critical Evaluation of the Implementation of Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook at One New Zealand Secondary School

Patchigalla, Ratna Prasad
Benade, Leon
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Master of Educational Leadership
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Auckland University of Technology

Against the background of the national and international changes in education and educational technology advancements, this study critically evaluates the influences of digital technologies on teaching and learning in one New Zealand school case study school, by focussing on its school-wide introduction of Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook.

The literature on the use of OneNote Class Notebook and the nature of change that the implementation of this new educational software is limited, as the software is relatively new. Therefore, a critical evaluation of the introduction of OneNote Class Notebook can provide insights into the use of digital technology and applications such as OneNote Class Notebook in secondary schools. This study was conducted from the perspective of a transformative worldview with an interest in establishing the influence of change brought about by OneNote Class Notebook. Accordingly, this study explores whether the introduction of this software led to change that was transformational or merely transitional.

Data were collected using an anonymous online student survey, conducting focus groups with students, and undertaking classroom observations specifically focusing on the emergent influence and uptake of OneNote Class Notebook by teachers and students. The evidence points to the substantial use of digital technologies by all participants with findings presented under three major themes. Students and teachers were found to be using OneNote Class Notebook for content delivery and interaction. Teachers, however, used only the basic features of the software, with limited evidence of the participant teachers exploring the innovative teaching and learning potentialities of the software. The data analysis, interpretation and conclusions lead to recommendations to Microsoft in Education, and to the case study school’s leaders and teachers, potentially contributing to the school’s future digital strategies.

OneNote Class Notebook in secondary schools , Use of digital technologies in secondary schools , Teaching and learning using digital technology , Teaching and learning with OneNote Class Notebook
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