A Case Study of the ‘100% Pure New Zealand’ Tourism Campaign: What are the Impacts of the 100% Pure New Zealand Tourism Campaign in Shaping Visitors’ and Locals’ Perspectives?

Patil, Sneha
Wikitera, Keri-Anne
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Master of International Tourism Management
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Auckland University of Technology

The “100% Pure New Zealand” is an official campaign of New Zealand that has promoted New Zealand tourism to the world since 1999 (Tourism New Zealand, 2017b). As it is one of the most successful tourism campaigns around the world, I am inspired to explore the case study of this campaign thoroughly. New Zealand is known for its green and clean natural environment and the 100% pure campaign has been successful in promoting that image and brand to the world (Rudzitis & Bird, 2011). However, the campaign has been facing criticism from tourists, locals, and the media, who ask: ‘Is New Zealand really 100% pure?’ This study analyses and critiques both positive and negative impacts of the campaign on visitor perceptions and experiences, adopting both a secondary literature review and a content analysis method applied to online content and data, academic articles in order to study whether the environmental promise of ‘purity, authentic experience, and unspoiled landscapes’ aligns to tourists’/visitors’ perceptions. The literature provides a framework that shapes the analysis of the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign. The key findings highlight the success of the campaign to its international visitors; the positive visitor perceptions are strongly indicated in the tourist reviews. From the local perspective however, the findings show the campaign has become a catalyst for environmental critique and shows that it is far greater than just a marketing campaign to encourage visitor growth.

100% Pure New Zealand , Tourism New Zealand , Sustainable Tourism , UNWTO , New Zealand , Tourism Campaign
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