How can I support children’s learning through ICT: a self- study of my own teaching

Damoory, Shahla
Grey, Anne
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Master of Education
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Auckland University of Technology

In this study, I illustrated how I, as an early childhood teacher, could improve my own teaching by exploring innovative uses of ICT with young children. To do this, I conducted a small scale qualitative study based on action research. The action was the exploring and reflecting on the innovative use of ICT by interviewing a purposive sample of four teachers in the greater Auckland region who were experts in the use of ICT. Based on text analysis of the data from the interviews, the findings showed the most meaningful ICT uses by the teachers resulted in enhancing relationships, expanding on inquiry based teaching approach and improving communication and documentation processes. To improve my teaching practice, I also reflected on ICT innovations in relation to my own values. Ultimately, it was the competence of the teachers and the collective thinking between colleagues that could make ICT initiatives work best for the purpose of enhancing learning, not the technical aspects of the technology. The findings are significant to help teachers draw an action plan for improving their own teaching practice.

Support children's learning using ICT in ECE , Self- study
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