What is the relationship between meaningful work and CSR?

Gill, Surajdeep
Lips-Wiersma, Marjolein
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Master of Business
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Auckland University of Technology

The main aim of this study is to understand the relationship between meaningful work and corporate social responsibility. A major argument for CSR is that it allows employees to experience meaningfulness in and at work, which in turn has many favourable outcomes for both the organisation and the employee. Rather than being linear and one dimensional, it is argued in this study that meaningful work and CSR are mutually dependent constructs. However, the conditions under which CSR policies have the ability to create more or less meaningful work are unclear. In order to uncover these conditions, this study first identifies different sources of meaning and analyses how these sources strengthen or weaken an employee?s engagement in CSR. Then different employee types that emerge from CSR engagement are identified and the sources of meaning are combined with these employee types to uncover the true nature of the relationship between meaningful work and CSR. The paper concludes with a conceptual framework which is able to demonstrate the nature of the relationship that exists between an engaged and a disengaged employee and the conditions under which integration of CSR and meaningful work is possible.

Meaningful work , CSR , Employee engagement , Sustainability
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