Cultural Humility: A Hermeneutic Literature Review

Walters, Tatjana
Tudor, Keith
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Master of Psychotherapy
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Auckland University of Technology

This dissertation explores the qualities of humility in the context of a therapeutic relationship between practitioner and client from different cultural backgrounds, utilising a hermeneutic review of some of the available literature. This dissertation is motivated by the question which underlies the study: "What are the qualities of cultural humility in the therapeutic relationship between a client and therapist from different cultural backgrounds, and how is the concept of cultural humility significant and meaningful?"
The concept of cultural humility is introduced by summarising and critically examining the texts chosen from the available literature. The traits associated with this concept are then identified and grouped into the following qualities of cultural humility: client-focus, lack of self-focus, learning about self, life-long commitment, openness, addressing power dynamics, and societal and institutional accountability. These traits or qualities are then explored more fully. Cultural humility is also considered in the context of ideas such as cultural competence, low self-esteem, modesty and narcissism. In addition to summarising, analysing and evaluating the topic of cultural humility, the aim of this study is to stimulate further thinking in the field and profession of psychotherapy.

Cultural humility , Humility , Hermeneutic literature review
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