Paradox: how New Zealand culture enables creativity, yet mitigates against its spread

Hutcheson, Mike
Ings, Welby
Woods, Christine
Shepherd, Deb
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Master of Philosophy
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Auckland University of Technology

This practice-led thesis examines the concept of creativity in the context of contemporary New Zealand business. The thesis project comprises two complementary components. The first is a 30-minute video documentary that constructs interviews with four prominent creative business people. It can be seen on Youtube. This text is designed specifically for non-commercial television broadcast, On-Line or Intranet Video and business or business school audiences. The documentary is accompanied by a series of three short video podcasts (for on-line viewing by business and business-school audiences). These podcasts reconstitute key insights from the interviews. Drawing on interviews with significant New Zealand business leaders and existing literature, it considers how creativity is fostered, if it exists as a distinctively national phenomenon, and if so, how. The thesis project is accompanied by this exegesis that unpacks critical ideas from the practice, discusses the methodology developed for their realisation, and contextualises the ideas in relation to existing academic and professional knowledge.

Fostering creativity , Business , Creative practice led , Educational vodcasts , Feedback loops , Creative utility , Number eight wire , Kiwi ingenuity
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