World Building on an Urban Scale

Searancke, Alisha
Zander, Bianca
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Master of Creative Writing
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Auckland University of Technology

Hunter’s Moon, is a work of Urban Fantasy, set in the near future in New Zealand. While World Building on an Urban Scale, focuses on the main differences of the two genres, and how these differences would affect me as a writer. Hunter's Moon follows the story of twin brothers, Nate and Sebastian Holt, torn apart from circumstances out of their control, spurring them onto two different paths. One that leads to finding a new beginning, a new life. Family. The other a life of destruction, towards the end of one brother’s life. Circumstances leads Nate onto Meredith’s porch. Each trying to heal from the past, and in so finding each other. The one thing that keeps them apart is a secret. Nate is a werewolf and his brother who will stop at nothing to make sure Nate never has his happy ending. My main theme for my exegesis is to explore the differences between High Fantasy and Urban Fantasy, as well as an examination of the restrictions placed on me as a writer by these two distinct, but similar genres. Secondly I will be touching on the difficulty of having a fantasy novel based in New Zealand, published within New Zealand and around the world.

Urban , Fantasy
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