A computerized system for loading and discharging oil tankers

Fagerland, Sverre Olav
Wellington, Robert
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Master of Computer and Information Sciences
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Auckland University of Technology

This thesis takes up the problem with manual tanker cargo operations and the possibilities for creating computer programs to take care of those processes. The main objective is to create a computer program simulating loading and discharging of a VLCC (Very Large Crude-oil Carrier) without any human interference after the initial information about the cargo is entered into the computer. The program is made in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) for Microsoft Office Excel. This simulation shows that it is fully possible to do this technically, but further research for this thesis around the subject then concentrates on why it is not already done.

The thesis is based on the authors own experience as a ship officer on board tankers from 1979 until 1999, and takes into account that even though others might have different opinions built on their own experiences it should represent a common thought for most tanker officers.

This thesis is trying to show if it is technically possible and also put some light on reasons why it should be done. The intended audience this paper is trying to reach is producers of cargo control systems and also maritime legislators.

The methodology used for this thesis is Autoethnography as this was found to give the best outcome due to restrictions the author faced at the outset of the thesis.

The conclusion of the thesis was that it is fully possible technically to produce a safe and efficient computer controlled system for controlling cargo operation on tankers and that it should also contribute to the safety of both people and environment. In addition it should also save time and money using such a system.

Oil tankers , Automation , Loading/discharging
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