Tendering for engineering contracts

Barr, G
Burgess, SG
Connor, AM
Clarkson, PJ
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Conference Contribution
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Professional Engineering Publishing

This paper describes a generalised model that embodies the criteria assessed during the tendering process, where if all the pertinent criteria are met, then the risk when submitting the tender is minimised. This provides a framework for isolating the important tender criteria and relating this to the control of activities in the tendering process. A process model is presented that describes the tendering process at a sufficiently high level that is independent of corporate rationale. A number of subprocess models are included to show how the high level model can be adapted in order to introduce a dynamic element into the tendering process. The results of an initial case study are presented. The subject of the case study is a major engineering systems supplier and it is shown how their tendering process for design and build contracts sits within the tender classification and process models.

Proceedings of Design for Excellence: Engineering Design Conference (EDC 2000) , Brunel, UK, pp.499 - 506
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