Minimum cost polygon overlay with rectangular shape stock panels

Siringoringo, WS
Connor, AM
Clements, N
Alexander, N
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Minimum Cost Polygon Overlay (MCPO) is a unique two-dimensional optimization problem that involves the task of covering a polygon shaped area with a series of rectangular shaped panels. This has a number of applications in the construction industry. This work examines the MCPO problem in order to construct a model that captures essential parameters of the problem to be solved automatically using numerical optimization algorithms. Three algorithms have been implemented of the actual optimization task: the greedy search, the Monte Carlo (MC) method, and the Genetic Algorithm (GA). Results are presented to show the relative effectiveness of the algorithms. This is followed by critical analysis of various findings of this research.

Genetic algorithms , Layout optimization
International Journal of Construction Education & Research, vol.4(3), pp.1 - 24
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