Intangible relationship value from buyer to seller and its effect on new product development

Al-Qahtani, Rasha
Baxter, Roger
Glynn, Mark
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Master of Business
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Auckland University of Technology

This research will study and validate a model presented by Baxter (2007) through which the relationship between buyer and seller enables new product development success were validated.

For this purpose the Quantitative survey data will be analysed to test whether the data support the conceptual model of Baxter (2007). The data were collected by using self-administered questionnaires forwarded to the managers of cafes in Auckland. These questionnaires validated the attributes of business-to-business buyers effect in the success of new product development (NPD) from sellers who involve in that buyer NPD, and get benefit from resources of buyers’ input in that NPD process. The relevant buyers’ attributes are their competence, attitude, intellectual agility, relationships, organization with renewal and development. Correlation and exploratory factor analysis will be used to analyse the relationships between buyer’s attributes and success of NPD. After that, the quantitative data were thoroughly collected from respondents who were selected on the basis of convenience sampling. Then the gathered data was statistically tested and correlations were determined among hypothesized factors. The results have clearly indicated that the data failed to prove significant relationships among the constructs provided in the Baxter model. On the other hand, this outcome has certain limitations but provides a significant direction for the further studies.

Product , Relationship value , Intangible relationship
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