New Zealand businesses in India: opportunities and challenges

Nagar, Swati
Enderwick, Peter
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Master of Philosophy
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Auckland University of Technology

As a resource based economy international engagement plays a critical role for the growth and development of New Zealand. One of the most notable trends over the past 15 years has been the rise of some of the largest markets around the world, that have led to a rapid and substantial increase in international trade and investment flows. The liberalisation and consequently the rise of emerging markets has today changed the economic geography for the business world, with companies entering these markets with the hope of getting superior returns arising from rapid economic growth and related market opportunities. Amongst other emerging markets, the economic resurgence of the Indian market in the recent years has been widely noticed and in many senses has influenced and changed the structure and operations of businesses around the world. The prospects offered by India have allowed firms to substantially expand their activities beyond their domestic borders and access new growth opportunities generating significant productive growth. The benefits that markets like India today generate are likely to be particularly significance for New Zealand, given the small size of the domestic market. Indeed, increasing New Zealand’s exporting and international investing activity is vital to raising New Zealand’s growth rate. The rapid rise and deregulation of the Indian market has seen a rise in the number of New Zealand businesses keen to tap into the vast prospects across different sectors over the recent years. Nevertheless, New Zealand businesses have not been participating to nearly the same extent as most businesses from other small developed countries currently operating in the Indian market. Reasons for this limited interaction are unclear and not well documented in the current literature that examines the economic activities amongst the two markets. Given the importance of international engagement New Zealand businesses cannot afford to isolate themselves from the opportunities provided by the Indian market. Considering this, the main aim of this research is to focus on the opportunities that India provides and the benefits that New Zealand businesses stand to gain from those. On identifying, this may help devise actions that might lead to substantially increased levels of international investments by New Zealand firms, given the challenges of entering the Indian base from a small remote country. Drawing on insights gained from existing literature and case studies of companies operating in India, the research will identify appropriate strategies and policies that might help New Zealand businesses to succeed and better direct operations in India.

New Zealand businesses , Importance for internationalisation for New Zealand , Emerging markets , New Zealand and India , Sector opportunities for New Zealand , Challenges in India
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