Teachers’ creation of blended learning environments at a campus-based university: a New Zealand case study

Wood, Yvonne Irene
Gerbic, Philippa
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Master of Education
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Auckland University of Technology

This research study seeks to explore the role of the teacher in creating blended learning environments. How the teachers integrated the Learning Management System (LMS) and what influenced them to engage with the design process were of primary importance to this research study. The study investigated the micro course level development and situated these developments within the macro institutional level.

Applying a qualitative case study approach, this research study investigated the practices within a single university in a large New Zealand city. Purposeful sampling including snowballing was used to select the six participants from different study areas across the institution. A two-phase semi-structured interview was the main tool used to collect data, which was supported by demographic details and an examination of the participants’ online environment. To increase the rigor of this small sale case study research, the Social Construction Of Technology (SCOT) model was applied during the second stage analysis. The significance of this research study lies in the dynamic impact that was revealed in the teachers’ blended practice. The internal attributes of the teachers’ autonomous role, pedagogical goals, and personal commitment together with external influences of institutional support and reskilling, preceded the teachers’ engagement with blended learning. The foremost recommendation from the study is to focus on the way in which teachers navigate the process of shaping their blended practice.

Blended learning , Blended teaching , Role of the teacher , Lecturer , Dynamic impact , Social Construction Of Technology (SCOT) model
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