Industry practices in project management for multimedia information systems

MacDonell, SG
Fletcher, T
Wong, BLW
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This paper describes ongoing research directed at formulating a set of appropriate measures for assessing and ultimately predicting effort requirements for multimedia systems development. Whilst significant advances have been made in the determination of measures for both transaction-based and process-intensive systems, very little work has been undertaken in relation to measures for multimedia systems. A small preliminary empirical study is reviewed as a precursor to a more exploratory investigation of the factors that are considered by industry to be influential in determining development effort. This work incorporates the development and use of a goal-based framework to assist the measure selection process from a literature basis, followed by an industry questionnaire. The results provide a number of preliminary but nevertheless useful insights into contemporary project management practices with respect to multimedia systems.

International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, vol.9(6), pp.801 - 815
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