Objects That Make Us Feel: Exploration of Affective Designs Across Digital and Physical Platforms

Sanyal, Upamanyu
Joseph, Frances
McMeel, Dermott
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Master of Creative Technologies
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Auckland University of Technology

This research addresses the issue that we as a species are facing where one of our vital senses are being left behind as the rate of development of digital technologies increase. Visual and auditory dominance in multimedia entertainment has left out tactile stimulation in the race to perfect the digital experience. The connection between the digital and material world is explored in this research through 3D design and fabricated through 3D printing, clay modelling and brief experimentations with photogrammetry and high density foam. The research follows a practice based approach where I let my designs guide the research process. One design lead to the other, beginning from a physical clay artefact and traveling to a digital 3D space where it takes various forms and it re fabricated through 3D printing to be assessed and tested, which leads to the next variation. The aim was to design the act of holding hands into an object with the goal to bring out affective responses from the use. Moreover, the contribution to a persons wellbeing by reducing stress through these designs are reviewed. The results showed that by adding an affective element that can shock, awe, bewilder, or dazzle the user, in 3D printed designs, contribute positively to the emotions of the user, which can have a major significance on a persons long term well being.

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