Un/making Home: Spatialising Diasporic Rituals and the Poetics of Bread-making

Irani, Zeenia Porus
Gallagher, Sue
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Master of Art and Design
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Auckland University of Technology

Un/Making home: spatialising diasporic rituals and poetics of breadmaking investigates place-making as a daily practice of domestic rituals. In this practice-led research, my family’s ritual of bread-making has been translated through my creative practice, as a series of intimate encounters with home performed through the acts of slowness to embark on the making and unmaking of home.

The project retraces the origins of my own personal history to understand these habitual everyday domestic rituals as expressed through my current spatial practice. The creative and contextual research unfolds as a series of processes, as set out in the recipe of Nan e Barbari, as a series of transformational processes – To Sift, To Fold, To Knead, To Rise, To Cut and To Burn. The stages of the bread-making process structure my inquiry into the home as a series of encounters engaged through family rituals around bread making, exploring migratory processes through slowness, ritual and object.

Through an inquiry into the diasporic condition, a dialogue between object and memory has been re-assembled through various scales of inhabitation by way of practice-based making and unmaking. By elemental and pure forms, this project imagines to reflect and emulate moments of ritual, migration and refuge.

Home , Practice-led , Migration , Diaspora , Body , Spatial , Bread-making , Ritual , Refuge , Slowness
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