Visual blockchain using Merkle Tree

Hu, Rui
Yan, Wei Qi
Liu, William
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Master of Computer and Information Sciences
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Auckland University of Technology

Although our communities are paying extensive attention to the blockchain technology, it is still far away from real applications. Due to the combinations of multi-disciplinary technologies in blockchain, the popularization of this technology is still at its infancy stage. Thus, we have the opportunity to understand this red-hot technology and attempt to employ it for visual applications. To bear this in mind, we focus on online videos that collect sufficient user clicks owning to the high demand every day. When we watch the videos of TV drama episodes on an online website, we often need to organize the playlists in an ascending or descending order accurately. However, video websites such as YouTube could not provide this service due to multiple reasons. In this thesis, we created a private blockchain for these video websites and applied the Merkle tree to store the sorted videos in the chain. Finally, a sorted playlist has been created on the video website. To our knowledge, this is the first time to combine blockchain and online videos, which sort online videos in the right order in a playlist automatically. Our contribution is to get out of the box of video search and provide a quick video ranking solution, ultimately save the browsing time of users. Our sorting results are evaluated by using edit distance.

Video data , blockchain , elliptic curve digital signature algorithm , Merkle tree , visual blockchain , distributed storage system
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