A Study of Chinese Free Independent Travellers’ Motivations and Their Preferred Accommodation Types in New Zealand

Zheng, Tianhong
Wang, Pola
Kim, Peter
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Master of International Hospitality Management
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Auckland University of Technology

This dissertation explores whether the travel motivations of Chinese free independent travellers (FITs) affect their accommodation selection preferences on trips to New Zealand. The Chinese outbound tourism industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and tourist motivation is a significant element in understanding travellers’ behaviours. Although a number of studies have explored the travel motivations of Chinese tourists, it remains unclear how Chinese FITs select their accommodation when travelling to New Zealand.

To bridge this gap in the existing literature, the 196 respondents in this quantitative study were asked to complete an anonymous questionnaire. Based on previous studies and theories, the study explores the influence of ‘push’ and ‘pull’ motivational factors. The findings indicate that accommodation selection among Chinese FITs was mainly affected by two pull factors: with delicious food and a spacious area designed for relaxing in the accommodation, but push factors exerted little influence. Demographic characteristics also affected accommodation selection. To be specific, exotic atmosphere of the accommodation may be an influence factor for Chinese FITs of different age groups and with different marital status when they select accommodations. Clean and comfortable room may be an influence factor for Chinese FITs with different level of highest qualifications and with different occupations. Chinese FITs with different occupations may care about the budget of the trip and physical resting or relaxing when they select accommodation as well.

By clarifying the role of push and pull factors in travellers’ behaviours, the study contributes both to the academic literature and to industry practice, providing hospitality practitioners with practical advice on resource distribution to attract more international tourists and especially more Chinese travellers.

Accommodation , Chinese FIT , Tourist motivation , New Zealand
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