The third generation mobile phone market in China: An analysis of its development and forecasts about its future

Zhang, Lei
King, Bob
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Master of Arts (Communication Studies)
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Auckland University of Technology

This thesis has used several recent secondary research reports on the subject of 3G markets as a starting point to analyse and assess the market for the new ‘third generation’ 3G mobile phones in China.

Mobile communications is moving forward from where we are today into the Information Society of third generation services that will deliver speech, data, pictures, graphics, video communication and other wideband information direct to people on the move.

A key objective of this thesis is to assess the expected future market for 3G mobile in China by means of a market analysis, the examination of current forecasts and likely future scenarios.

The effect of telecommunications policy is analyzed in detail. A qualitative research approach is used involving the interviewing of industry experts to ascertain their perspectives and visions for the 3G market in China.

To clarify the analysis for readers, a 3G mobile simulator (attached in CD form) is included. It introduces 3G services in a visual form with the aim of assisting the understanding of the service analyses and forecasts. As this is a thesis with a practical component, the simulator is also put forward as a tool to assist service providers to sell the features of the new technology to consumers.

Cell phones -- China
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