Exploring supermodern: Clothing_transitional spaces

Mahmood, Imran
Redmond, Monique
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Master of Arts (Art and Design)
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Auckland University of Technology

Most clothing can be defined by the context or contexts in which it is worn. Supermodern clothing is defined by the contemporary urban metropolis. More specifically, it is designed to respond to physical and psychological demands of transitional spaces such as roads, railways, airports and streets. In recent years, these spaces in which modern life takes place, have been the focus of much creative research activity. Many writers have commented extensively on the social, political and economic significance of transitional spaces. Articles have been published about the relevance of these ‘in between’ spaces as potential subjects for writers, artists and photographers. However, the impact on fashion designers has been largely overlooked, despite the fact that many designers have been producing clothes specifically for use in transitional spaces.

This project investigates the clothing requirement for a modern metropolitan life. It research’s around the question of what types of clothing might be required in this modern environment. The scope of this thesis entails background research and development of a range of clothing developed in conjunction with the use of hi-tech materials and designs. The concept of this research-based design project is to explore the relationship between fashion and technology in the context of urban clothing requirements. The explored specific context focuses on the examination of issues raised in the contemporary urban metropolis, particularly in transitional spaces. To deal with these issues of the individual, transitional space and urban environment, my approach is to design supermodern (techno) clothing by bringing together various disparate and mutually antagonistic, problem-solving methodologies in order to weave supermodernity into clothing, with the aim of fulfilling the wearer’s needs in urban life. This research presents my designs for modern life utilising technological developments in the field of textiles and multifunctional located garment design concept.

Clothing , Dress , Costume design , New Zealand
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