Natural Turn With Hesitation: Reconstructing the Choreographed Moment

Hall, Graham
Fitchett, Dale
Clark, Simon
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Master of Art and Design
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Auckland University of Technology

This thesis explores the possibilities of sequential art conventions in relation to the reconstruction and enrichment of movement within the static image. Creating this sense of enrichment is achieved by manipulating and selecting images of feet position that show an enhanced and exaggerated movement. The Practical work, which represents 80% of this thesis, poses questions and possibilities with interpretations of time and space when reconstructing the choreographed moment. The documentation, which accounts for 20% of the thesis, records and interprets movement observable in both orchestrated public settings, as in marching and dancing, and in the public spaces associated with walking. The reconstruction of movement is recorded through digital photography and the repositioning of photographs, as a series or sequence of panels through the application of silkscreen printmaking. This multi-panel format is constructed by observing the way people move through space and questions whether or not this space is implied through social conditions or is learned through movement notation. The results of this exploration are a series of prints that offer possibilities of temporal sequencing, and a process of alternative readings that may occur between and among multi-panel images.

Motion in art , Methodology , Art , Motion
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