Factors Affecting Women's Career Advancement in Guangzhou's 5-star Hotels

Deng, Wenwen
Brocx, Monique
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Master of International Hospitality Management
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Auckland University of Technology

The objective of this research is to explore the important factors that affect women’s career advancement in the hotel industry, in particular in five-star hotels in Guangzhou, China. This study also aims to fill the research gap in women’s careers in China’s hospitality industry since there has been minimal previous research focusing on this issue in mainland China. To present a clear picture on the current situation of women’s career advancement in Guangzhou’s hotel industry, this study seeks to examine the effect of such demographic factors as gender, age, marital status and employment level on the factors affecting women’s career advancement. The study replicated those of Ng and Pine (2003) and Mooney (2007). The study found that regardless of gender, age, marital status or employment level, it was that ‘conflicts with family activities’, ‘childcare responsibilities’ and ‘lack of formal training’ were considered the most important factors hindering women’s career advancement in five-star hotels in Guangzhou. The demographic factors indeed influenced the perceptions of employees on the factors affecting women’s advancement in the hotel industry such as gender, age, numbers of children of women employees and employment level.
This study concludes that the factors related to family such as ‘conflict with family activities’ and ‘childcare responsibilities’ have the highest effect on women’s career advancement in five-star hotels in Guangzhou. The study recommends that the top management of the hotels should pay more attention to women’s career development and take effective action to help women employees to balance work and family life. Moreover, the government should actualize a series of measures to protect women’s rights and interests. Finally, women should be more aggressive and assertive in their roles in the hotel industry so as to compete with their male counterpart

Chinese hospitality industry , Women's career advancement , Guangzhou's 5-star hotel , Women's career barriers in hospitality
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