Design and Implementation of A Cloud Based Intelligent Surveillance System

Zhou, Lei
Yan, Wei Qi
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Master of Computer and Information Sciences
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Auckland University of Technology

Visual surveillance is widely used in different fields such as security, transportation, medicine, and logistics. However, these videos and images require appropriate storage and computing platforms. Cloud based surveillance systems are suitable for big data processing and storage. This thesis will discuss how architecture and function modules of a cloud based system can be created, a cloud-based intelligent surveillance system (CISS) can be published on a private cloud using a Virtual Machine (VM). Our users are able to connect a camera at a desired location to CISS so that the system can capture videos and images, and then push notifications to a web page where the users can watch the videos via the cloud. This thesis presents an in-depth demonstration of how the portable and efficient cloud based surveillance system (CISS) works. It makes full use of the cloud computing technology, and applies computer vision technology to visual surveillance. The system is able to quickly and accurately detect events from streaming videos, and apply the feature of push notifications to achieve event based alarming in real time. The new technology makes CISS more advanced than the conventional visual surveillance system. The overall objective of this thesis is to implement four key functionalities, (a) streaming video input, (b) intelligent visual surveillance (IVS), (c) video transcoding and storage in real time, (d) message push and media streaming output.

Intelligent surveillance , Computer vision , Cloud storage , Push notification
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