Fagogo: "Ua molimea manusina": a qualitative study of the pedagogical significance of Fagogo-Samoan stories at night- for the education of Samoan children

Kolone-Collins, Su'eala
Manu'atu, Linita
Russo, Mary
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Master of Education
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Auckland University of Technology

This study explores "Fagogo"- the Samoan stories of the night- as a source of pedagogy. It argues that ideas to inform practices that could transform and improve the teaching and learning by Samoan children can be obtained from deep and critical understanding of Samoan language, values and cultural practices. The thesis draws upon the Samoan knowledge of good pedagogical ideas. These ideas are drawn from critical examination of the lived-experiences of highly educated, successful, and key Samoan people, in Samoa who were raised and socialized in fagogo. I argue that fa'afailelega, a notion that is discussed in the thesis can be used to 'frame' the good pedagogical ideas drawn from the fagogo. The wisdom required in the teaching and learning by Samoan children is in the heart of fagogo. Hence fagogo offers a useful Samoan source of pedagogical ideas. As well as recognizing the real strengths of fagogo as a pedagogical site, this thesis brings a sense of hope to the Samoan aiga who are currently facing the brunt of the economic and technological changes in the homes and their lives. I argue that educating Samoan children without the analysis of the Samoan wisdom merely serves, ultimately, to deaden the souls and dim the minds of the people, weaken and devalue, the fa'avae of fa'aSamoa.

Samoan pedagogy , Samoan fagogo , Pedagogical tools for Samoan children , Educating Samoan children , Oral tradition and educating Samoan children
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