New Pacific Standard: Using Tivaevae to Inform a New Strategic Business Model for Pacific Art and Design

Tanner, Pouarii
Henry, Ella
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Research Project
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Master of Cultural and Creative Practice
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Auckland University of Technology

This research reviews the area of Pacific design within the Realm of New Zealand and uses Tivaevae as a method to design a business model that would contribute to transforming the way Pacific art and design is sold, represented and seen globally. Using Kaupapa Maori to guide the combined Pacific research methodologies Talanoa and Tivaevae, a Kaupapa Kuki Airani research approach was developed in order to: - Distinguish how a contemporary space for Pacific art from within the Realm of New Zealand can be developed. - Identify any cultural, social and economic opportunities that a contemporary space would present. - Learn more about what challenges and opportunities face New Zealand-based Pacific artists and designers considering Pacific representation. - Gain a deeper understanding of challenges and opportunities faced by Pacific practitioners in the Pacific when selling their work. - Analyse disruptive business models from other sectors to identify possible models that would address challenges for practitioners in this region. The findings from this research will be used to inform the design of philosophically aligned business models that drive innovation in the area of Pacific art and design

Tivaevae methodology , Kaupapa Kuki Airani , Pacific Design , Innovation
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