Developing service performance for the New Zealand house building industry: A study of Auckland residential housing

Dananjoyo, Radyan
Tookey, John
Neitzert, Thomas
Ghaffarian Hoseini, Ali
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Doctor of Philosophy
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Auckland University of Technology

The residential housing industry has provided a significant contribution to New Zealand’s economy over the decade. Recently, there has been a huge demand for new housing development in New Zealand, especially in Auckland. This study concerns housing purchase decisions in Auckland as the largest city in New Zealand. The discussion of this study mainly focuses on an evaluation of the consumer decision process for homeownership in New Zealand. This thesis examines the impacts of determinants of homeownership and service excellence in determining house purchase decisions and evaluating post-purchase satisfaction for homeowners in New Zealand.

The main objective of this study is to define the relationship between determinants of homeownership and service excellence toward a homeowner’s purchase decision and post-purchase satisfaction. Only limited studies have examined the consumer decision process in the New Zealand’s residential housing industry focussing on the purchase decision and post-purchase decision stage. Thus, the purpose of this study is to fill the gap by investigating determinants of homeownership attributes and service excellence attributes provided by house builders which influence a homeowner’s purchase decision and post-purchase satisfaction.

Sequential Explanatory Design was adopted for this study in order to meet the objectives of the study. This design used both quantitative and qualitative methods. The quantitative method was started by data collection using a mail survey from which 414 questionnaires were returned. The quantitative data was analysed by using AMOS software. A measurement model and structural model were used to examine the relationship of each variable toward purchase and post-purchase decisions. The result of the quantitative analysis shows that both determinants of homeownership and service excellence significantly influenced homeowners’ purchase decisions and post-purchase satisfaction. The qualitative method used semi-structured interviews with 15 homeowners to validate the result of the quantitative data analysis. The results of this study showed the framework of service excellence as a contribution of knowledge to evaluate the residential housing industry in New Zealand.

Service excellence , House purchase decision , Customer satisfaction , Residential housing , Post-purchase decision , Determinants of homeownership , Auckland residential housing
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