The Relationship Review: A New Approach to Relationship Therapy

Guy, Lisa Janelle
Wrapson, Wendy
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Research Project
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Master of Health Science
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Auckland University of Technology

Introduction: Intimate relationships play an important role in people’s lives but they can also be a source of conflict. There is a lack of relationship tools available for couples that promote open communication, self-reflection, and the maintenance of healthy relationships. The Relationship Review is an interactive, discussion-based tool that helps couples to reflect on their strengths, challenges, and areas for growth. Objective: The study aimed to investigate how participants envision using the tool and what benefits and barriers they anticipated. Furthermore, as this is a new intervention, the research sought to identify any opportunities for the tool to be adapted and enhanced.
Method: A qualitative research approach was employed using thematic analysis to analyse the data. One pilot group and three focus groups were held, with a total of fourteen female participants and one male participant, with a mean age of 33, to understand their ideas, attitudes, and opinions as they relate to the tool. Results: Five primary themes were developed from the data: Being willing to engage, Creating emotional safety, Helpful prompts leading to meaningful conversations, Developing a shared understanding, and Practical considerations. Additionally, new features and resources were suggested to improve the usability of the tool. Conclusion: The findings suggest The Relationship Review has the potential to help couples maintain healthy relationships by facilitating open and courageous conversations and by helping couples reflect on their strengths.

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