OLOF: SPACE BEAR. Handmade Filmmaking Lensed Through a Cosmic Mythological Narrative

Tolcher, Verity
Denton, Andrew
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Research Project
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Master of Design
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Auckland University of Technology

Olof: Space Bear. Handmade Filmmaking Lensed Through a Cosmic Mythological Narrative, is an art practice as research project that drew upon mythological narratives, and handmade making methods, as a platform to develop a preproduction package for a short silent film. The proposed moving image project, outlined in this research report, is a designed preproduction film package. The story of the film is about a bear travelling through space to discover his missing soulmate. The practice is interested in the universal aspects associated with falling in love and the narratives that this core human experience produces. This project tells its story through the nature of my making methods, which combine physical materials with digital processes. Through the work, I aim to draw an emotional response from the viewer, through the creative application of materially tactile tools such as, paint, thread, fabric, together with any other elements that I was able to use produce a texture from. The iterative experiments were reviewed and refined, and then photographed and combined with digital media to make a moving image sequence. The practice is iterative in its approach and compiled what I determined to be the most valuable storytelling methods and visual techniques for this project through the material and sound experiments, conducted during the making process. These investigations have been recorded through methodical journals where each process had multiple inquiries along with reflections

Mythology , Filmmaking , Cosmology , Handmade
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