The poetics of making

Ho, King Tong
Grierson, Elizabeth
Gibbs, Colin
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Doctor of Philosophy
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Auckland University of Technology

This is a practice-led research project that seeks to explore the cross-cultural aesthetics and conceptual ideas of an art project. I position myself as an art practitioner who intends to apply the Western modes of technological advancement of digital imaging and ink jet technologies to the substrates used by traditional Chinese artists for ink painting and calligraphy, usually called Xuan Zhi [宣紙]. Through this process, the aesthetics and conceptual ideas of both cultures will be explored, examined, analysed and interrogated for the potential development of a new aesthetics in the context of digital art. There are three major components in this research project; a creative document in the form of a collection of artwork, an exegesis and a collection of documentation. The creative document will be a body of visual image-based artwork that includes a series of collateral works from the ongoing research and practice of the project. It is the negotiated output of a potentially new aesthetics in digital art, specifically in the context of digital still imaging and digital printmaking. The exegesis is an analytical and critical commentary that places the creative document in relevant theoretical, philosophical, cultural and historical contexts. The documentation is a collection of the ongoing empirical practice of ink jet technology on Xuan Zhi. The visual physical form of both the exegesis and the documentation are also included as part of the creative document. These three components together form a unity and are presented as artefacts to represent the main focus of the research - the Poetics of Making.

Ink jet printmaking technology , Digital art and aesthetics , Chinese philosophy and aesthetics , Chinese traditional art substrates , Photography , Cross-cultural aesthetics and concepts
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