Second-generation Chinese New Zealanders’ Experience of Negotiating Between Two Cultures: a Qualitative Study

Cheung, Melissa
Thorpe, Mark
Goedeke, Sonja
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Research Project
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Master of Health Science
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Auckland University of Technology

This practice research project examines the lived experiences of second-generation Chinese New Zealanders by focusing on their experiences of navigating between two cultural worlds. It is the first in New Zealand to examine the experiences of people with dual cultural identities and to provide an insight into their worldview. The research project employs the interpretative phenomenological analysis framework and draws on data collected through semi-structured face-to-face interviews with four second-generation Chinese Kiwi living in Auckland. The practice research project found that second-generation Chinese Kiwis identify as bicultural. Additionally, second-generation Chinese Kiwis can struggle with a sense of not belonging when interacting with Chinese peers, but they are able to navigate the feelings adaptively due to their strong bicultural identity. Finally, second-generation Chinese Kiwis experience the most difficulty while trying to navigate and negotiate differences between Kiwi and Chinese values and traditions, but they are able to adapt their behaviour to fit the environmental context.

Second-generation , Chinese Kiwi , Bicultural , Lived experience
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