Laughter and Connection - Comedic Mockumentary as a Tool for Enabling Cultural Understanding Between China and New Zealand, Through the Ritual of Marriage: a Production Proposal

Qi, Yunbo
Denton, Andrew
Chen, Chen
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Research Project
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Master of Cultural and Creative Practice
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Auckland University of Technology

This research project illustrates a humorous and fantastic adventure concerning the cultural differences between Western and Eastern countries by using a rockumentary format. Cultural differences can embody many aspects of daily life. As a country with a variety of immigrant groups, New Zealand's population features many distinctive foreign cultures. This project attempts to make a pre-production of a comedy rockumentary. It examines cultural conflicts that are embodied in different marriage rituals in regards cross-cultural communications between Chinese and New Zealand Europeans.

The two primary methodologies, practice-led and comparative study, orient the pre-production to look into the inner logic and cultural transfer of cross-communication, and the history of cross-cultural marriage in both countries. In researching these subjects, this project used four research methods; observation, industry research, comparison and virtual research. This research can provide a new perspective in reviewing cross-cultural communication in the context of individual relationships.

Mockumentary , Cross-culture , Rituals , Wedding
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