12.00 - 1.30 pm   SESSION ONE

Demand & Marketing - Demand Modelling

Destination Management – Tourism and Cities 1

Ethics, Environment & Sustainability – Climate Change & Tourism

Tourism & Hospitality Education - Strategic Issues     

New Directions for Tourism and Hospitality Theory 1               

HR - Tourism & Hospitality             

Ballroom 1
Chair: Alfred Ogle

Ballroom 2
Chair: Peter Murphy               

Ballroom 3
Chair: Terry Brown

Room 4
Chair: Nina Mistilis

Chancellor Room 6
Chair: Jennie Small

Harbour View Room 2
Chair: Alison Morrison

“Tourism demand forecasting and aggregation”  - Jae Kim & Haiyan Song.

“Multivariate exponential smoothing for forecasting tourism arrivals to Australia and New Zealand”  - George Athanasopoulos & Ashton de Silva.

"Tracking the paths of visitors to London" - Deborah Edwards, Bruce Hayllar & Robert Maitland

“Australia's Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS): impacts on the tourism industry”- Serajul Hoque, Peter Forsyth, Larry Dwyer and Ray Spurr

“Faculty perceptions of quality in undergraduate hospitality, tourism, and leisure programs: a comparison between Taiwan and the UK” - Chih-Ching Teng, Jeou-Shyan Horng & Tom Baum

“Destination choice by young Australian travellers: a theoretical explanation to a practitioner problem”- Clifford Lewis, Alan Pomering and Greg Kerr

“Strategic human resource management in Malaysian five star hotels: ‘Best practise’ or environmental ‘fit’? “- Rozila Ahmad, Noel Scott & David Solnet

“Modelling Australian domestic and international inbound travel: a spatial temporal approach” - Minfeng Deng & George Athanasopoulos.

"Popular culture and the re-imaging of cities: projecting Errol Flynn" - Warwick Frost

“Adaptation to climate change risks for the South Pacific tourism sector”- Min Jiang et al

“Tourism and hospitality education in Australia: emerging issues and future prospects”  - Brian King & Steve Craig-Smith

“Where’s dad? Challenging the limits of true gender scholarship in family tourism research.’- Heike A. Schaenzel and Karen A. Smith

“Gen-gagement”: Generational differences in employee engagement” - Anna Hood & David Solnet

“Forecasting the demand for Hong Kong tourism: the view of experts” - Haiyan Song, Stephen Witt & Vera Lin.

"City spaces, functional spaces: functions of urban tourism precincts" - Kate Schlenker, Deborah Edwards & Tony Griffin

“Using the Delphi approach to determine climate change adaptation strategies for Victoria’s Surf Coast”- Ryan Jopp, Terry DeLacy and Judith Mair

“Strategic development of tourism education in Cambodia: a comprehensive framework” - Simon Pawson

“An investigation into the influence of adolescents on family decision making”- Micaela Spears and Outi Niininen

“An exploratory study in the motivation to stay versus the motivation to go for chefs employed in remote Tasmania” - Leigh Styles, Amanda J Daly & Megan Woods


"Examining the performance of urban destinations: the case of Sydney" - Deborah Edwards, Tracey Dickson, Tony Griffin and Bruce Hayllar

“Challenges for growing Tuvalu’s tourism industry”- Bruce Prideaux and Karen Elizabeth McNamara


“Factors impacting on the tourism and hospitality student experience: balancing life and study at Southern Cross University”  - Michele Day & Maree Walo

“Tourism and national identity: a conceptual framework” - Leanne White and Elspeth Frew

“Human resource issues and industry trends in the UK conventions and exhibitions industry” - Adele Ladkin & Vivienne McCabe



“An elicitation study to explore attitudes towards purchasing carbon offsets for flights” – Judith Mair & Emma Wong





2.30 – 4.00 pm   SESSION TWO

Demand & Marketing - Tourism and Marketing Communications    

Destination Management – - Tourism and Cities 2

Ethics, Environment & Sustainability – Heritage Tourism  

Tourism & Hospitality Education -– Curriculum Innovation               

Heritage Tourism – World/National Heritage 

Food Industry         

Ballroom 1
Chair: Haiyan Song

Ballroom 2
Chair: Deborah Edwards

Ballroom 3
Chair: Larry Dwyer

Room 4
Chair: Stephen Craig-Smith

Chancellor Room 6
Chair: Jennifer Laing

Harbour View Room 2
Chair: Paul Whitelaw

“Twitter twitter – but who is listening?  A review of the current and potential use of twittering as a tourism marketing tool” - Brian Hay

"Politics of tourism and the resident/tourism relationship: a case study of Fremantle, Western Australia" - Sarah Veitch

“Tourism suppliers’ attitudes towards policy affecting tourism development in Natural World Heritage Areas: a case study of commercial tour operators in New South Wales, Australia”- Po-Yu Wang

“Educating students through an innovative knowledge exchange based internship” - Noreen Breakey, Richard Robinson, Lisa Ruhanen & Stephen J. Craig-Smith

“World Heritage-themed souvenirs for Asian tourists: Asian modernity melds with Macau cultural heritage”- Hilary du Cros

“Globalization versus localization strategies of international food service firms” - Jimmy Chiang & Prakash K. Chathoth

“Permission email marketing as a vehicle to connect with the local community in a destination: a case study” - Alana Iles & Allison Anderson

"Is Toowoomba (Australia) challenging the limits?" - Sharlee McLennan, Lisa Ruhanen, Tien Pham & Brent Ritchie

“Understanding the geotourism market“- Aise KyoungJin Kim & Graham Brown

“Indigenous Australia and tourism education: an exploratory analysis of Indigenous cultural content in undergraduate tourism curricula” - Andrew Peters

“The forgotten heritages of Penang, Malaysia: potentials, threats and challenges for conservation”- Ngai Weng Chan.


“An integrated approach to research and innovation in food production” - Svetlana Rodgers

“Hotel advertising: the case of an Australian airline in-flight magazine”  - Alfred Ogle & Jeremy D’Gama


"Short-break holidays: a competitive destination strategy" - Peter Murphy & Outi Niininen

“Sink it: but will they continue to come? The future of artificial dive tourism in Australia”- Vikki Schaffer and Meredith Lawley

“Incorporating service learning into New Zealand hospitality education: benefits and issues”Alisha Aldridge, David Williamson & Irene Ryan

“World Heritage or National Park? Visitor preference for protected area brands”- Lisa King & Bruce Prideaux

“Indian cuisine in Australia: ‘EMUfication’ of the peacock?” - Jeremy D’Gama & Alfred Ogle

“Marketing communications in tourism: state of the art and future research issues” - Scott McCabe & Stephen Pratt

"Cultural and festive activity as brand salience for the creative city destination:  a case study of the UNESCO City of Literature" - Martin Robertson

“Visitor loyalty at a private South Carolina protected area” – David B Weaver & Laura J Lawton

“The significance of Wrest Point in Tasmania’s tourism & hospitality industry” – Dirk Reiser & Graeme Tonks

“World Heritage site listing: whose values?”- Trevor Sofield

“Rural and regional Australian pubs and the tourism industry” – Julie Carmody


9.00 – 10.30 am   SESSION THREE

Demand & Marketing - Tourist Consumer Behaviour               

Destination Management – Managing Tourism Destinations 1       

Ethics, Environment & Sustainability – Medical Tourism

New Directions for Tourism and Hospitality Theory 2               

HR - Cruise and Aviation 

Tourism and Hospitality Education Forum

Ballroom 1
Chair: Harmen Oppewal

Ballroom 2
Chair: Brent Ritchie

Ballroom 3
Chair: Anne Hardy

Chancellor Room 6
Chair: Shirley Chappel

Room 2
Chair: Alison Morrison

Room 4
Chair: Paul Whitelaw

“Talkin’ bout your generation’s travel: a conceptual model of generational cohort consumer behaviour” - Sarah Gardiner, Debra Grace & Ceridwyn King

"Using festivals and events to trigger the renaissance of a mature tourism destination: the case of Portimao" - Adao Flores

“Rock, reef, rejuvenation? A scoping study of medical and wellness tourism in Australia”- Jennifer Laing et al.

“Acknowledging generation and gender in critical tourism studies.”- Heike A. Schaenzel

“All I need is to be respected! Crew experiences and job commitment in the cruise industry” - Svein Larsen

Discussion of the ALTC project:  Mapping the Tourism and Hospitality curricula

“Recall of festival consumption emotions” - Jiyeon (Jenny) Lee & Gerard Kyle

"The dilemma of a paradise destination" - Aishath Shakeela, Noreen Breakey & Lisa Ruhanen

“Medical tourism: a comparison of Australian, French, South Korean medical and health tourists to Thailand”- Kenneth E. Miller and Uraiporn Kattiyapornpong

“Young women and their physical appearance on holiday”- Jennie Small


“Do growth mindset supervisors create a better work environment? Exploring the cruise line work environment.” – Einar Marnburg et al

“Inside the tourist mind: a study of immediate satisfaction” - Sebastian Filep

"Volunteers and tourism destination services" – Karen Smith & Kirsten Holmes

“Barriers to medical tourism development: the case of Hong Kong”- Vincent C. S. Heung and Deniz Kucukusta

“Practice what you teach: using critically reflective practice in teaching sustainable tourism planning”- Erica Wilson

“Cultural perceptions and job outcomes in cruise lines: are culture perceptions that important?” - Torvald Øgaard, Svein Larsen & Einar Marnbur

“Effect of enduring involvement on the benefits from a dark tourism experience” - Eun Jung Kang, Noel Scott, Timothy Lee & Roy Ballantyne

"Where is Waldo? Uncovering the role and profiling the destination manager" - Adao Flores

“Leisurely pursuit or hard work? Theorising health and medical tourism”, - Peta Cook

“Spaces, things and identity’. Material simulacra in Khao Road” – Neil Walsh

“From upper-class to underclass. Working the skies: representations and reality, 1930 – 2010” – Tom Baum







11.00 – 12.30 pm   SESSION FOUR

Demand & Marketing - Tourist Decision Making   

Destination Management - Managing Tourism Destinations 2       

Ethics, Environment & Sustainability – Host Communities and Tourism  

Tourism & Hospitality Education – Capabilities & Assessment           

Heritage Tourism – Heritage & Tourism

New Directions for Tourism and Hospitality Theory 3

Ballroom 1
Chair: Brian Hay

Ballroom 2
Chair: Noreen Breakey

Ballroom 3
Chair: Betty Weiler

Chancellor Room 4 Chair: Marg Deery

Room 2
Chair: Trevor Sofield

Chancellor Room 6 Chair: Neil Walsh

“Observations of tourists’ in-destination decision making processes: a perspective from New Zealand” - Kevin Moore, Jude Wilson, Clive Smallman & David Simmons.

"Risk perception and destination choice: the case of Australian travellers and the Middle East" - Mona Sharifpour & Gabrielle Walters

“Using complex adaptive systems to investigate Aboriginal-tourism relationships in Purnululu National Park: exploring the role of capital”- Jennifer Strickland-Munro, Susan A. Moore & Helen Alison

“Challenging undergraduate hospitality students: the use of debates as interactive teaching and assessment tools” - Johan Edelheim

“A study of battlefield tourists in Ieper, Belgium”- Caroline Winter

“Dance in society: opportunities for tourism research”- Elspeth Frew and Kim Williams

“Risk reduction on perceived destination risk associated with international travel: a modelling approach” - Ruth Yeung & Wallace Yee.

"The role of innovation in Norwegian tourism" - Xiang Ying Mei, Charles Arcodia & Lisa Ruhanen

“Implementing Green Globe Lite on a regional scale: results from a Tasmanian trial”- Anne Hardy and Gerry White

“Developing tourism and hospitality graduate attributes in a university undergraduate commerce program” - Nina Mistilis

“Place attachment and heritage tourism: the case of Australian tourism attachment to Gallipoli”- Anne Eastgate

“A re-examination & re-conceptualisation of residents’ reactions towards tourism”- Jojn Ap and Dan Musinguzi

“In what conditions is a price increase perceived as fair?  An empirical investigation in the cable car industry” - Thomas Bieger, Isabelle Engeler & Christian Laesser.

"Understanding location placement and film tourism through persuasive communication research" - Eugene Thomlinson

" Promoting visitors’ environmental attitudes" - Aise Kyoungjin Kim

“Culture induction, hospitality culture capabilities and Australian bachelor degrees in Hospitality Management”  - Stuart Wiggins

“Education and storytelling about the Great War: the ‘Son et Lumière’ in Pozières, France”- Caroline Winter

“Reading Tasmania: creative literature and interpretation”- Shirley J. Chappel

“Modelling the tourism consumer destination choice process”  - Twan Huybers, Harmen Oppewal & Geoffrey Crouch.

“The Gippsland tourism market’s response to the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires” - Gabrielle Walters

“Confronting the recalcitrant tourist” - Terry J Brown


“Using technology in assessments: the student experience” - Elisa Backer

“Iconic Australia: ANTA travel posters from the 1930’s to the 1960’s”- Julie Nixon and Gary Best

“Visiting ‘home‘: aboriginal cultural tourism and the value of intimacy.”- Mark Galliford


1.30 – 3.00 pm   SESSION FIVE

Demand & Marketing - Miscellaneous

Destination Management - Planning for Tourism in Destinations

Ethics, Environment & Sustainability – Tour Guiding & Interpretation               

Hospitality & Hotel Management         

Tourism Research Agenda

Tourism and Hospitality in China

Ballroom 1
Chair: Stuart Crispin

Ballroom 2
Chair: Gabrielle Walters

Ballroom 3
Chair: Thomas Bauer

Room 2
Chair: Tom Baum

Room 4
Chair: David Simmons

Room 6
Chair: Peter Murphy

“What’s in a name: a review of popular new words to describe holidays: a clever marketing ploy or a pointless waste of time?” - Brian Hay

"Integrating tourism and climate knowledge for destination adaption: challenges in the identification of knowledge gaps at the regional level" – Pascal Tremblay

“Exploring practitioner conceptualisations of professionalism among Australian ecotour guides”- Sandra Sun-Ah Ponting, Stephen Wearing and Rosemary Black

“Reframing hospitality service production: action spaces” - Genevieve Lovell

“The nomadic place of tourism research: realising the impact of tourism in the UK Research Assessment Exercise and Research Excellence Framework“ – Cara Aitchison

“An experiential portrait of economy in hotels in China”  - Songshan (Sam) Huang

“Serving those less able: are we up to it?  Catering for aging and disabled travellers” - Denise Schitko

“Applying social marketing techniques to perceptions of concession areas in Kruger National Park” - Alexandra Coghlan

"Shortcomings of landscape planning approaches in regard to developing tourism: Setiu, Malaysia" - Asra Zaliza Asbollah

“Visitor responses to interpretive signage at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding: a comparison of Chinese and Western visitors”- Jan Packer, Karen Hughes and Roy Ballantyne

“The application of hospitality and hotel management principles and practices to NSW hospital emergency departments” – John Jenkins

“The Distorted Mirror: applying the pragmatic paradigm to end-user research” – Alex Coglan & Bruce Prideaux

“China’s travel agency regulations: evolution and impacts on Asia-Pacific tourism”  - Songshan (Sam) Huang

“Australian Cycle Tourists - Who are they? And how do they choose their cycling destinations using online technology?” – Denis Puniard

"Creating new tourism destinations: the paradox between niche tourism destinations, sustainability and diverse stakeholders: cases from Wales" – Andrew Jones

“The Savannah Guides: a tour guiding model for regional Australia?”- Julie Carmody, Lisa King and Bruce Prideaux


“The effect of interventions on the environmental behaviour of motel guests” – Judith Mair & Susanne Bergin Seers

“Exploring the limits of tourism research collaboration: a social network analysis of co-authorship patterns in Australian and New Zealand tourism research” – Pierre Benckendorff

“An examination of the development of a Chinese domestic hotel firm” - Michael Gross, Sam Huang

‘Improved measurement of regional dispersal of tourism’ - Tay R. Koo

“The limits to inter-business collaboration in remote tourism regions: a case study in Northern Australia” – Pascal Tremblay

“Managing a sustainable film tourism industry”- Anne Buchmann

“The world’s most successful tourist restaurant” - Neil Leiper & Maxine Hawker


“China’s outbound tourism as a way of ordering” – Tony Tse


9.00  – 10.30 am   SESSION SIX

Demand & Marketing - Understanding Tourist Types         

Destination Management - Destination and place marketing              

Ethics, Environment & Sustainability – Sustainable Management         

New Directions for Tourism and Hospitality Theory 4               

Sport & Events Tourism 1

Miscellaneous Papers

Ballroom 1
Chair: Stuart Crispin

Ballroom 2
Chair: Malcolm Wells

Ballroom 3
Chair: Rosemary Black

Chancellor Room 6
Chair: Mark Galliford

Chancellor Room 4
Chair: Richard Shipway

Harbour View Room 2
Chair: Pascal Tremblay


“In search of Australia’s missing tourists” - Ewen Michael.

"Place-based marketing: influence of dominant ownership type on place image" - Daisy Dawson, Joanna Fountain & David Cohen

“Ecotourism & strategic management” – Stuart Crispin & Mark Wickham

”Conceptualising a contemporary marketing mix for sustainable tourism marketing”- Alan Pomering, Lester W. Johnson and Gary Noble

“Event governance: the rhetoric and reality of the World Rally Championship, Northern Rivers, NSW”- Dianne Dredge et al.

““Coming home: the effects of the volunteer tourism experience on the volunteer” – Simone Grabowski & Stephen Wearing

“The relationship of VFR travellers with tourism industries” - Elisa Backer.

"Snapshots on destination image formation" - Andreas Zins

“Sustainable tourism management: learning from Antarctica”- Thomas G. Bauer

“Beyond the boundary: what do we know of tourism, the business of illusion- and delusion?”- Brian Wheeller

“Event segmentation: a research agenda” - Aaron Tkaczynski & Sharyn Rundle-Thiele

“Long distance walks: where are they going?”- Robert Saunders, Betty Weiler and Jennifer Laing

“A study of Australian outbound international tourism” - Neelu Seetaram.

"Regional planning and resilient futures: destination modelling and tourism development - the case of the Ningaloo Coastal region, Western Australia" - Tod Jones, John Glasson & David Wood

“Limits to tourism and recreation in water catchments”- Jack Carlsen and Michael Hughes

“Risk perception in travel: a conceptual framework” – Sarah Ryu & Segu Zuhair

“Finding new ways of evaluating the socio-cultural impacts of festivals and events”- Phil Rogers

"Network Approach to tourism: a preliminary analysis of how to avoid strategic drift in an increasingly changing market environment" - Ehsan Uddin Ahmed

“Distinctions between short and long breaks” - Carmel Herington, Bill Merrilees & Hugh Wilkins.

“Critical success factors of crisis management in tourism: a case study of political crisis in Thailand” – Kom Campiranon

"And then there was water: the role of fresh water in regional tourism" - La Vergne Lehmann


“The employment of event management graduates by event companies: an adoption of innovations perspective.”- Miguel Moital and Danielle Cooper

“Understanding the importance of governance in tourism policy making: A model for consideration” - Tzu-Wen (Carol) Hsu & Robert Inbakaran


11.00  – 12.30 pm   SESSION SEVEN

Demand & Marketing - Customer Satisfaction & Relationship Marketing

Destination Management - Methodology to Manage Tourism Destinations          

Ethics, Environment & Sustainability – Special Interest Tourism    

Tourism & Hospitality Education – Careers

Heritage Tourism – World/National Heritage

Miscellaneous Papers

Ballroom 1
Chair: Elisa Backer

Ballroom 2
Chair: Sarah Veitch

Ballroom 3
Michael Gross

Chancellor Room 4
Chair: Tom Baum

Harbour View Room 2
Chair: Trevor Sofield

Chancellor Room 6 Chair: Richard Shipway

“Value equity as a customer satisfaction driver in tourism settings” - Ip Kin (Anthony) Wong, Mark
Rosenbaum & Ruth Mo Wah Yeung

"An evolutionary network approach to rethinking resort governance: a conceptual framework" - Alison Gill & Peter W Williams

“Sustaining what?  The Ethics of managing wildlife-tourism interactions”- Georgette Leah Burns, Jim MacBeth and Susan Moore

“The relations between career perception and career choice tendency for college students majoring in the tourism and hospitality industry“- Cheng-Ping Chang & Ni-Fang Chen

“Exploring the links between cultural heritage and wine tourism”- Warwick Frost, Jennifer Laing & Keir Reeves

“Getting more out of sport events: leveraging strategies and the Sydney World Masters Games sport development outcomes” - Alana Thomson

“Hotel restaurant dining: the relationship between perceived value and intention to purchase” - Ann Suwaree Ashton & Noel Scott

"Comparing pictorial and verbal scales for city destination management" - Iiona Pezenka & Anke Schneider

“The Italian agritourism model - government intervention, branding, and product development: Implications and recommendations for developing agritourism in Australia”- Pauline Porcaro

“The exploration of a career path for cellar door personnel in the wine tourism sector “- Kim Williams

“Revitalising a hidden treasure: wine heritage tourism in the Grampians, Australia”- Keir Reeves

“Rural community development through adventure-based sport tourism: some general lessons from the Canadian experience”- Mark Lowes

“Relationship selling and the service performance of casino frontline employees” - Catherine Prentice & Brian King

"Using multidimensional item response theory to measure efficiency of pictures for emotional city“ - Christian Weismayer & Iiona Pezenka

“The use of green products: tourist attitudes, motivations and behaviour” – Leo Jago, Marg Deery & Judi Inglis

“The Boundaryless Career: hotels had it first”  - Shelagh Mooney & Irene Ryan


“Where/how does this bit fit? Museums, heritage and tourism in New Zealand’s local government jigsaw”- Jane Legget

“Happy sails or flappy sails: sports tourism at an international sailing federation World Cup event”- Holly Henderson”

“What is the future for corporate hospitality post the GFC?  An appraisal of the marketing effectiveness of corporate hospitality” - Colin Drake

“Re-visiting the Tourism Crisis Life Cycle Model’ - Micaela Spiers & Outi Niininen

“Identifying the ecotourist market using the core criteria of ecotourism: is there a true ecotourist that seeks nature, learning and sustainability?”- Narelle Beaumont

"Mentoring an essential tool for developing graduate knowledge” - Rajka Presbury, Mathew Hardy & Nicolette Le-Grange

“Innovation in heritage tourism- a contradiction in terms”- Julia Crozier

“A logistic regression model for analysing the determinants of golf tourists satisfaction”- Miguel Moital


"Destination positioning: a comparison between tourism stakeholders and tourists at a regional destination" - Aaron Tkaczynski & Sharyn Rundle-Thiele




“Impacts of mega-events in developing and developed countries”- ShiNa Li