Development of a Wireless Friendly Fire Prevention System Model

Walker, Craig Graham
Al-Anbuky, Adnan
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Master of Engineering
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Auckland University of Technology

While hunting animals is not considered the most ethical of activities, it is in most regions of the world considered sport, and in some locations still a process of food gathering. The focus of this research is on the accidental shooting of hunters by hunters. The hunting accident is an all to common event experienced throughout the world since mankind first hunted for a meal with a ranged weapon. Now with the use of wireless technology an electronic safeguard system can be designed that will aid in preventing hunting accidents. This thesis will present a method of friendly fire prevention and will attempt to test this concept as a viable solution to the problem. The concept presented here investigates into the use of location based systems combined with directional data acquisition systems, integrated with a networking ability to pass data between sensor interfacing clones of itself. The principle of the concept is to use both the sensor and networked data acquired to conclude on a possible dangerous shot situation and hence gaining the ability to alert the hunter who’s aim is causing the dangerous situation. This project is composed of the generation of a modelling application that is used to generate dangerous shooting situations between simulated hunters and to test the concept friendly fire prevention method desired. Further more this project contains the development of a physical prototype with contained embedded code written to simulate sections of the desired friendly fire prevention method. This prototype system has the chosen sensors individually tested to show the level and quality of data available to the intelligence of the prototype. This intelligence is in turn tested as a completed example of the concept functioning. Results from the model will show that even a simple system can provide up to 17% protection coverage from all dangerous shots up to 1000m. Other specific results generated indicated that approximately 25% of hunters mistakenly targeted due to vegetation up to a range of 500m could be saved using this friendly fire prevention method.

Wireless , Hunting
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