An investigation of the repeatability of the multi-dimensional affect and pain survey (MAPS) for neck and back pain

Crumney, OM
Rome, K
Martin, DJ
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The Multidimensional Affect and Pain Survey is a 101 item questionnaire. It describes the impact of pain at three levels: sensory pain, emotional pain and well being. The questionnaire returns a score for each of these between zero and five. Its test-retest reliability was tested in a neck and back pain population. The Multidimensional Affect and Pain Survey was posted to 167 people with neck pain and 167 people with back pain to be completed on two occasions. There were 119 (38%) Test One and Test Two pairs of questionnaires returned that were fit for analysis (Neck: 41 women, 19 men, mean age 51.85 1SD 14.48, Back: 35 women, 24 men, mean age 44.90 1SD 14.48). All questionnaires were completed prior to attending physiotherapy. The mean difference was close to zero for sensory pain, emotional pain and well being in both the neck and back pain groups. The 95% limits of agreement for sensory pain were neck –0.97, 0.83; back –1.04, 1.12: emotional pain neck –1.17, 1.27, back: -1.16, 1.2: well being neck: –1.48, 1.54; back: -1.75, 1.55. The results support the repeatability of the Multidimensional Affect and Pain Survey for investigating neck and back pain under similar circumstances to those in this study.

Repeatability , Multidimensional affect and pain survey , MAPS , Neck pain , Back pain
Journal of Pain Management, vol.1(1), pp.63-70
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