Small-sided Games: 6v6 a Positive Progression for the Development of Junior Netball?

Spencer, K
Wolf, S
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Journal Article
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Otago Polytechnic/Te Kura Matatini ki Otago

The aim of this study was to understand the if the expected benefits of playing small-sided games with modified rules (more individual time on vaired tasks in a game and more opportunities to explore skills) actually exist. Fifty-six participants from Year 5 & 6 were used in this study and came from the five zones within New Zealand. Each participant played the 6v6 modified game which has contrasting rules and equipment compared to the traditional game. The themes fast, change and focus were all coded for using SportsCode EliteTM, and motivation was measured through a Basic Motivational Needs Questionnaire. Results show that pass completions by position (F(2, 138) = 8.321; p = 0.001; η2= .108) and player distraction between zones (U=21.409; z=2.998; p= .002) were both significantly different. The broad body of this research emphasises the value in modifying games for the benefit of developing players.

Performance analysis; Decision-making; Constraints; Player development; Coaching; Talent ID
Activity Scope: (Health & Wellbeing),1, 2017, pp. 117-127.
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