The Impact of Key Attributes in Nightclub Experience of Generation Z Customers: The Moderating Role of Gender

Tian, Qiuyu
Kim, Peter.B
Wang, Pola
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Master of International Hospitality Management
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Auckland University of Technology

This study examines generation Z customers’ nightclub experience and their impact on their satisfaction and loyalty, and further investigates the moderating role of gender difference in the relationships between nightclub experience, satisfaction, and loyalty. The nightclub viewed as a type of liminoid space has unique features. These features attract segmental customers from generation Z to visit the nightclub. Although customer experience becomes a significant concept in understanding customer behaviour, few efforts have been made in the literature to understand the customer nightclub experience. This study adopted a positivist paradigm and quantitative research method. An online survey was completed by 214 participants in Auckland, New Zealand. In order to address the research questions, the study conducted a series of quantitative analyses including hierarchical multiple regression to test the hypotheses. The results showed that the customer nightclub experience had a significant positive impact on its outcomes (customer satisfaction and loyalty). Specifically, club ambience experience had a stronger impact than social interaction experience on the outcomes of nightclub experience, and customer satisfaction had a positive impact on customer loyalty. Gender moderated the impacts of social interaction experience on satisfaction and customer loyalty respectively. Furthermore, gender had a moderating role in the impact of customer satisfaction on customer loyalty. Findings of this study contribute to the understanding of the customer nightclub experience in the academic and practical fields. Theoretically, this study established a nightclub experience model to add to the academic literature. The findings might inspire nightclub practitioners to evaluate the importance of experience attributes in creating a favourable customer experience and developing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Nightclub experience attributes , Satisfaction , Customer loyalty , Gender difference
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