Measurement of Determinants for Enhancing Strategic Information Systems Planning (SISP) Success and Dynamic Capabilities in South Korea

Yang, Jungho
Pita, Zijad
Singh, Mohini
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In the current dynamic and increasingly globalized environments, Strategic Information Systems Planning (SISP) has been regarded as one of the most important tasks for better management and supporting strategic use of IS/IT. To facilitate organisational performance and sustain competitive advantage, it is necessary for organisations to recognize the importance of considering various determinants to achieve SISP success, and understand how SISP success affects improving dynamic capabilities as the outcome of its success. This paper proposes a model to show the relationship among six determinants, SISP success and its outcomes. We collected a sample of 250 from large organisations in Korea through the survey and used structural equation modelling to validate the proposed model. The result suggests that the determinants positively affect SISP success and the SISP success influences improving the outcome of SISP success. Besides, there is a positive relationship among the determinants, SISP success and the outcome of its success. Key findings and implications are discussed.

Proceedings of the 25th Australasian Conference on Information Systems, 8th - 10th December, Auckland, New Zealand
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