A cross layer framework for WLANs: joint radio propagation and MAC protocol

Sarkar, NI
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This paper proposes a cross-layer design (CLD) framework called channel-aware buffer unit multiple access (C-BUMA) for improving wireless local area network (WLAN) performance. In the framework, the radio propagation (i.e. PHY layer) is combined with the medium access control (MAC) protocol for packet transmissions. By sharing channel information with the MAC protocol, the approach reduced unnecessary packet transmissions and hence improved system performance. Through performance evaluation, we demonstrate that our CLD can significantly improve network throughput and packet delay. The proposed C-BUMA is simple and can easily be implemented in 802.11 networks without changing hardware infrastructure and no additional costs. In this paper we describe C-BUMA and present two algorithms for the implementation of the framework.

802.11 networks , C-BUMA , Cross-layer design
The 13th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (ICCIT'2010 , Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2010-12-23 to 2010-12-25, published in: the 13th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (ICCIT), pp.1 - 5 (5)
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