Un-familiarizing the Ordinary: Redesigning the Everyday Experiences of Urban Dwellers Within Their Natural Surroundings

Bae, Ji Su
Palmer, Fleur
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Master of Design
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Auckland University of Technology

Un-familiarizing the Ordinary: Redesigning the Everyday Experiences of Urban Dwellers with their Natural Surroundings is a practice-based research commenced through the Masters of Design programme within the department of Spatial design.

This project investigates the daily interactive experiences of urban dwellers, to redesign them through an innovative approach within their natural surroundings- with the consideration of relational methodologies and the cultural context of the urban site. The experimentations of how the unconscious materiality of our everyday experience could be redesigned through a new sensorial approach, for the dweller to discover fascination within the revelation in their familiar surroundings of their ordinary journey- in the contexts of an urban environment positioned the research through the following considerations.

How the created spaces could integrate the natural surroundings and biophilic strategies/patterns with the dwelling spaces of our everyday, to enhance the influences of health and well-being of its daily dwellers.

How the artificial or man-made structures could support to acknowledge and compliment the everyday surrounding environments in addition to the interactive experiences which occur within it, proceeding to spatially disrupt the dweller’s unconscious experiences.

How the circulation of the urbanized city could be reshaped: to accommodate spaces with natural qualities to invite its’ dwellers into its space, away from the high-density living environments of the city whilst gathering as a community.

Ordinary , Everyday , Urban , Natural , Environment
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